Sculpture Department


During the course of their graduate studies, students in the Sculpture Program are familiarized with skills relating to plastic art and self-expression, materials used in sculpture, as well as various traditional and modern techniques. This is the only program at HUFA that provides basic courses to all first year students, which facilitate an exploration of the main aspects of sculptural trends, techniques and materials from a creative position. The curriculum is supplemented for students higher up in their studies by thematic assignments, the planning of exhibition concepts and the invitation of Hungarian and international guest lecturers.

The program also launches its own sculpture history and sculpture theory courses each year, entitled “Modern Hungarian Sculpture,” “Sculpture in Architectural Space” and “The Free Spirit of Sculpture.” Students have the opportunity to exhibit their works completed during the academic year in the Kálvária (Calvary) exhibition hall and the Parthenon Frieze Hall of Epreskert (Mulberry Garden). The plaster, metal, stone and bronze casting workshops can be used under the supervision of the master teachers. A few years ago the Sculpture Program launched an exhibition series in which works by the modern masters of Hungarian sculpture are displayed in the Barcsay Exhibition Hall.

Department Staff:

István Drabik

Studio Leader

Dr. habil. Ádám Farkas DLA

Professor Emeritus, External Lecturer

Péter Gálhidy

Artist Teacher

Zoltán Karmó

Associate Professor

János Lestyán-Goda

Studio Leader

István Lukács

Studio Leader

György Markolt

Studio Leader

Dr. Ferenc Matits

External lecturer

Péter Menasági DLA

Associate Professor

Botond Polgár

Assistant lecturer

Géza Sallai DLA

Associate Professor, Head of Department

Dr. habil. Valéria Sass DLA


Ádám Szabó DLA

Senior Lecturer, Vice-rector

Tamás Szabó

External lecturer

Péter Török

Ybl-award winner architect, External Lecturer