Intermedia Department


In the framework of the Intermedia Program, art education and training is extended to artistic forms and techniques which first emerged in the visual arts of the 20th century (photo-kinetic and electronic arts, multimedia, installation, new techniques of communication, environment
and action art).
In the program, students learn to develop, in accordance with their own unique skills and abilities, an active and creative presence in the cultural spheres of information society. Students are trained to combine the various techniques, tools, methods and functions of artistic creativity and to apply in practice one or more traditional techniques of visual art. They are expected to understand and use technical media (photography, film, video, and computer) in an artistic context on both a user and a creative level. A firm grasp of the history of universal and Hungarian culture – and in particular, the essence and roots of issues arising from the changes in the arts and sciences during the last century – is a basic requirement.
The Intermedia Program consists of professional theory, practice and general theory, as well as specific updates of these areas each academic year. The current basic training runs for five years, providing students with a diploma in the media arts.

Department Staff:

Gábor Bakos

Artist Teacher

Ágnes Eperjesi DLA

Senior Lecturer

Márton Fernezelyi

Teacher in Technology

György Horváth

External Lecturer

Tamás Tibor Kaszás

External Lecturer

Dr. habil. Szabolcs KissPál DLA

Associate Professor

Erik Róbert Langh

Artist Teacher

Ádám Lendvai DLA

External Lecturer

Imre Lepsényi DLA

External Lecturer

Dr. habil. Miklós Peternák CSc

Professor, Head of Department

Péter Pettendi-Szabó

External Lecturer

Mária Rigó

External Lecturer

Dr. Allan Siegel Phd

External Lecturer

András Sólyom

External Lecturer

Dr. habil. János Sugár DLA


Dr. habil. Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák DLA

Professor, Head of the Doctoral School

József Tillmann CSc.

External Lecturer