Visual Education Department

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts looks back on a long and prominent history of teacher training – grounded in visual art education – spanning over 140 years, since its foundation. The MA Program in Visual Education aims to continue and cultivate this tradition, as it trains visual art students who, in addition to working as artists, also wish to teach art. Within the framework of the program, full-time graduate studies are also supplemented by part-time courses and further training courses. The program aims to professionally prepare students for an active role in culture-making and mediating in a Hungarian and international context; to integrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired through their practical and theoretical work; as well as to enable graduates of the program to adequately pass on the above to their future students – in accordance with curriculum requirements – in any primary or secondary school, any institute of higher education, or in public visual education. The MA Program in Visual Education, in addition to satisfying the requirements for teaching art and art mediation in public education, also fulfils the requirements for teaching in specialized fields of art.

Department Staff:

Csémy Melinda

External Lecturer

Dr. habil. Károly Hantos DLA

Associate Professor, Head of Department

Endre Mányoki

Senior Lecturer

Imre Nagy DLA

Associate Professor

Dr. György Szász DLA

Assistant Lecturer