Department of Artistic Anatomy, Drawing and Geometry


Currently, the subject of anatomy/spatial analysis is compulsory for all 1st and 2nd year students at the University of Fine Arts. Studies of the first year concentrate on the skeletal structure while the second year focuses on the related function of the muscular system. It is here that lessons in spatial  analysis expose artists in training to the challenges  presented by perspective, composition and posture.In addition, optional lessons are available for more  intensive study and practice. Lessons generally begin with lectures on specialised subject matters as well as a broader examination of art history and cultural contexts, with an equal emphasis placed on slide and video presentations. Students complete their second year with final exams designed to measure their theoretical and practical knowledge. Two separate classrooms are available for practice work, which usually takes place in 4-hour sessions. Each workshop is equipped with large wallboards for creating lifesize chalk drawings and settings include the use of live models  as well as materials from our permanent collection.

Department Staff:

Dr. habil. Ádám Albert DLA

Associate Professor, Head of Department

Gyula Funták

Artist Teacher

Dániel Horváth

Assistant Lecturer

Dr. habil. Frigyes Kőnig DLA


Szabó Franciska

External Lecturer