Graphics Department / Specialization in Graphic Design


In the fi rst two years, training in the Graphic Design specialization addresses current theories and historical subjects. Students become familiarized with the history of printmaking and graphic design and an overview of various techniques. They study the cultural history of writing, alphabets, typography and print processes. From the third year onward, students are introduced to various fi elds of application in screen printing and photography, and are encouraged to choose their own research topics related to photo processing, the use of equipment, materials, films, and various methods of digital image processing.

The program also provides students with the necessary skills in typography and graphic implementation basics, graphic design programs, and modern layout techniques. The training program places special emphasis on familiarizing students with the latest visual interfaces gaining ground with advancements in communication media, and on equipping them with the competence to use these resources in a creative way.

Department Staff:

Attila Auth

Senior Lecturer

Tamás Felsmann DLA

Associate Professor, Vice Head of Department, Head of Specialisation in Graphics Design

Zoltán Kósa

Studio Leader

István Labancz

Assistant Lecturer

László Lelkes

Associate Professor

Ágnes Rozmann DLA

Associate Professor

Andrea Szabó

Artist Teacher