Art History Department

Art history constitutes the most important component of theoretical training for art students, and serves as a fundamental basis for orientation and studying art. Art history is a continuous constituent of the curriculum for the full duration – ten semesters – of study. The program takes a comprehensive approach; it aims to provide students with a systematic overview of the most important processes, artists and styles of the different periods, from the beginnings of art till today.
The chronological structure of the study material is based on the historicity of art, and the complex system of subsequent perspectives and styles that both build on, and oppose, one another.
As the University also has a Visual Education Program, the chronologically structured art history component also meets requirements for teacher training. In addition to a comprehensive study course in art history, historical, genre-related and theoretical questions of different fi elds of art are also discussed within the framework of seminars and special programs.

Department Staff:

Zoltán Fábián PhD

Associate Professor

Ildikó Fehér PhD

Associate Professor

Noémi Forián Szabó

Senior Lecturer

Emese Révész PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. habil. János Sturcz PhD

Professor, Head of Department