Walking the City

the urban imaginary in stories, places and sounds

The Fall semester of Mapping the Local focuses on walk as art and curatorial practice
The course will be held in the concentrated form as an international block seminar between 17-20 October, during which students and teachers will be present in Budapest 4 hours a day.

The social and art historical background of the walking will be explored, recent examples of the theme (exhibitions, art projects) will be researched and presented,  together with texts related to walking as critical art practice. Group and individual works will be elaborated by the end of the seminar. The collected research and projects will be summarised in a presentation at the end of the semester.

The following CEEPUS teachers accompanied by students will participate in the block seminar:

Dr. Peter Purg / School of Arts / University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Olivera Batajic Sretenovic / Assistant Professor in Book Design / Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade
Daniela Brasil, Assistant Professor, Institute for Contemporary Art / Technical University Graz

Orientation meeting: September 28, 4PM, Intermedia Department.

Walking encyclopedia
Cardiff & Miller: The Walk as Artistic Practice
The Walk Exchange

Further suggested artists for research: Bruce Nauman, Vito Acconci, Elastic City, Janet Cardiff, Stanley Brown, John Nova Lomax, Esther Polak.