6th Interdisciplinary Symmetry Congress and Exhibition of ISIS

Tihany, Lake Balaton, October 22-29, 2004

The main feature of the congress and exhibition is the dialogue among scientific disciplines and fields of art, with an emphasis of symmetry (proportion, balance, invariance, repetition, rhythm, harmony, etc.). We try to keep the discussions as informal as possible. The participants of the congress and exhibition will stay together in the Tihany Artists? Colony in a nature reserve, near the lake Balaton:

October 22 - Symmetry Festival in the Ráday Street, downtown Budapest:
First session of the congress and opening the exhibitions ?Symmetry: Art and Science? in the Ráday Street galleries.

Opening Session: Oct. 22, 2 p.m. - Wedding Hall, corner of Raday str. and Bakats sqr. (address: Bakats 1); Futher events nearby.
All events will be in the same street, which is a well-known cultural center of Budapest with many café houses and galleries, close to the National Museum.
October 23, morning - Departure from Budapest to Tihany (together by bus)
October 23-28 - Sessions at the Tihany Artists? Colony at the lake Balaton

Address: Artists? Colony of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Art, Tihany, Major Street 25, H-8237 Hungary
*Mornings: Plenary Sessions (no parallel events)
*Afternoons: Workshops (a few parallel sessions)
*Evenings: Performances and discussions.
October 29, morning - Return to Budapest (together by bus),
October 29, evening - Closing session, reception, and opening the exhibition
?Symmetry: Science and Art? in the Gallery IX.

Address: Gallery IX, Budapest IX (Ferencváros), Ráday Street 47.

The events are open for both members and non-members.
The exhibitions in Budapest are also open for the general public.
Travel from Budapest to Tihany and back: by bus (provided for participants)

All lectures should be addressed to a broader non-specialist audience.
Please send a four-page short paper by September 20, 2004 (Style sheet is at
Exhibition items (for congress participants):
Three exhibitions in professional galleries in Budapest; informal exhibition in Tihany (during the congress).
Please send a photograph and the physical description of the suggested exhibition item as soon as possible to the Organizing Committee (see below). Please also send a four-page paper on your work, which includes not only drawings and/or black-and-white photos of the exhibited item, but also your comments of the work by September 20, 2004 (Style sheet is at

Registration fee (including all events, receptions, travel between Budapest and Tihany, abstract volume)

by October 1, 2004 After
Members 275 Euros 325 Euros
Student Members 75 Euros 125 Euros
Non-Members 400 Euros 450 Euros
Student Non-Members 150 Euros 200 Euros

Annual membership of ISIS: 100 Euros for Members / 50 Euros for Student-Members
Our new Euro account number will be announced soon (pls. do not send money to the old ISIS account numbers).

Accommodation in Budapest:
Please book your hotel directly before and after the Tihany sessions (October 21-23 and October 29-30, 2004). The recommended congress hotel:
IBIS Centrum Hotel (Accor Hotels), Budapest IX, Ráday Street 6, H-1092 Hungary.
Reservation manager: Ms. Kovács, E-mail:
Phone: +36-1-456-4190; Fax: +36-1-456-4116; Homepage:
Special congress rate (please refer to ?Symmetry 2004?)
Double room (including breakfast and tax) ? 69 Euros (34.5 per person).
(N.B.: The opening festival in Budapest is on October 22, we depart to Tihany on October 23; then we return to Budapest on October 29 and conclude the event the same evening, while the exhibition remain open for two additional weeks).

Travel from Budapest Airport to the Hotel (and back):
We recommend the Airport Minibus (instead of cabs), which can be booked in the lobby. Note that some cab drivers may try to charge you very high.

Accommodation in Tihany:
Please send your preference to the Organizing Committee and we will make the bookings in nearby hotels. The Artists? Colony has dorms for a very cheap prize (less than 10 Euros).

Unfortunately, the Organizing Committee is not able to offer travel grants. On the other hand, feel free to request specific letters of support in order to assist you.

Important dates:
As soon as possible - application (e-mail): name, affiliation, address, and tentative lecture-title, exhibition item (photograph and physical description), preferred accommodation in Tihany (single, double, dorm)
September 20, 2004 - deadline of four-page short papers of lectures and exhibition items (if you need an earlier confirmation that you have an accepted paper, please contact the Organizing Committee)
September 25, 2004 - official letter of acceptance (or rejection) from the Organizing Committee.
October 1, 2004 - Deadline of paying reduced registration fee.
October 22, 2004 - Opening Ceremony in Budapest, then travel to Tihany.

About Tihany and the Artists? Colony:
Tihany is located on the only large peninsula of the lake Balaton, the largest one in central Europe (its length is 78 km, width between 5 and 12.5 km, at the Tihany peninsula just 1.5 km). The Tihany Abbey was built more than nine centuries ago and the royal document ordering its construction (1055) contains the oldest words (58 ones) written in Hungarian in a Latin context. Vines were brought to the region more than two thousand years ago by the Romans.
In the 1990s the farm buildings once belonged to the Benedictine order were transformed into the Tihany Artists? Colony by the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

Transport to Tihany (for in individual tourist):
from Budapest to Balatonfüred by train, then a short trip to Tihany by bus.

Weather in October:
Average daytime temperature: 15 °C (59 °F)
Average nighttime temperature: 5 °C (41 °F)
Note, however, that late October is slightly colder than the above average

Important links about tourism in Hungary and the Balaton region:,

All mails to the Organizing Committee should be sent to the Co-Chairmen:
Antal Vásárhelyi ( ), President, MRLME (Art Union)
Dénes Nagy ( and ), President, ISIS. (The latter email address in Hungary will be workable from mid-September.)

Mailing address:
MRLME (Art Union) - Symmetry 2004
Ráday u. 31/K
H-1092 Hungary

ISIS?s e-journal: VisMath -


Acélos történetek- acélszobrászati kiállítás a REÖK-ben

Megnyitó: 2020. 07. 09., 17:00
Helyszín: Reök Szeged
Megtekinthető: 2020. 09. 27-ig

2020. július 09.

A BIKA CSÓKJA – Dallos Ádám

Megnyitó: 2020. július 15., 19:00
Helyszín: Artkartell projectspace
Megtekinthető: 2020. júl. 16–aug. 22.

2020. július 09.

Tárlatvezetés | disconnected | Albert Ádám

2020. július 13. 18:00

2020. július 09.


Megnyitó: 2020. július 15., 18:00
Helyszín: Capa Központ – 8F Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2020. júl. 16. – 2020. aug. 30.

2020. július 09.

FÉNYRÉTEGEK / LIGHT LAYERS – Borkovics Péter, Bullás József

Megnyitó: 2020. július 11. 11:00
Helyszín: Dubniczay-palota/Várgaléria
Megtekinthető 2020. szeptember 30-ig

2020. július 08.

GEOTAXIS – Bernáth Dániel, Csizik Balázs

Megnyitó: 2020. július 16. 17:00
Helyszín: Molnár Ani Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2020. október 10.

2020. július 07.

Fekete / Hornyák / Horváth / Mayer: Élőérzet és intuíció

Megnyitó: 2020.07.03., 17:00
Helyszín: Vízivárosi Galéria

2020. július 02.

Eddig minden rendben

Megnyitó: 2020. július 9. 18:00
Helyszín: Budapest Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2020. szeptember 6-ig

2020. július 01.


Megnyitó: 2020. július 1., szerda 18:00
Heléyszín: B32 Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2020. július 17-ig

2020. június 29.


Kiállítók névsora:
Vida Szabolcs, Jeneses Ádám, Kophelyi Dániel, Papp Fanni, Hoóz Anna, Katona Dóra
Megnyitó: 2020.7.02. 19:00
Helyszín: ISBN könyv+galéria
Kiállítás időtartama: 2020.07.02-17.

2020. június 25.

Garten 2020 │ kortárs képzőművészeti bázis │ Lovas, Csopak

Várunk benneteket Lovason és Csopakon, a Balaton északi partjának képzőművészeti bázisán augusztus 1. és 22. között!

2020. június 24.

POSZTSZOVJET – Szilágyi Lenke fotói 1990–2002

Megnyitó: 2020. junius 27. 19:30
Helyszín: Centrális Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2022. december 31-ig

2020. június 24.

PAPÍRSZALONNA – Sztefanu Marina és Fülöp Gergő

Megnyitó: 2020. 07. 02. 18:00
Helysín: TELEP
Megtekinthető: 2020. 07. 02 - 22.

2020. június 22.

Nyitónap / Opening Day- Rendkívüli művek, rendkívüli időkben | Extraordinary Artworks in Extraordinary Times

Helyszín: Várfok Galéria
Megtekinthető: 2020. június 25-  július 25.

2020. június 22.

IDE JÓ LESZ – Födő Gábor grafikusművész kiállítása

Megnyitó: 2020. június 24., szerda 18.00
Helyszín: B32 GALÉRIA
Megtekinthető: 2020. július 17-ig

2020. június 22.