OPEN CALL for participation in Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium 2022 to-GET-here

Eleventh edition

OPEN CALL for participation in Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium 2022 to-GET-here

OPEN CALL for participation in Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium 2022 to-GET-here

Eleventh edition

of international symposium for land art, site-specific art and nature art,
Gabrovtsi village, Veliko Tarnovo area, Bulgaria

July 06-July 16, 2022
Duppini Art Center & Residency, Gabrovtsi Village, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Organizer: Duppini Art Group |
Partners: National Art School for Applied arts “Trevnenska shkola”, Tryavna, “School for Fine and Visual Arts Daedalus”, Varna, Bulgaria
The symposium goes with the financial support of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo

OPEN CALL: addressed to visual artist and researchers from Bulgaria and abroad, working in the fields of land art, site-specific art and nature art. There are no restrictions about the media used in their art practices (audio and video formats, photography, sculpture, objects, installation, action, performance, etc.).

Deadline for application: June 10, 2022 STATUTE

Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium is one of its kind in Bulgaria - a free forum for artists from around the world, working in the fields of nature art, land art and site-specific art.

The symposium is annual cultural event, held since 2012.

This year is its eleventh edition, entitled “to-GET-here”!

Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium is an event that contributes to the establishment of Veliko Tarnovo city and Gabrovtsi village on the world art scene. An event with sustainability that wins trust and is permanently present in the Cultural Calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium is an event that enriches the local audience and cultivates empathy for global art trends and environmental issues..


Over the years, the symposium has formed a diverse artistic community and established itself as a field for innovative creative realizations, experiments and cultural exchanges.

The current format is a successor to the legendary international plain-airs in the “Duppini” neighborhood (2000-2007). The original idea of making art outdoor – apart of the city`s traditional artistic spaces like galleries and museums - grew from impulsive artistic interventions in nature into a conscious creative act. Without being under explicit regulations, the creative course is directed to the field of land art, site-specific art and nature art.

Since 2015, the symposium has been located in the old labor school "Maxim Gorky". The new place is also a factor for creative realizations that resonate with the specific spaces and the institutional history of the building. This new environment provokes artistic projects with new points of view, close to site-specific installations.


The symposium reveals a space for art in nature as an individual author's communication with the environment - a source of inspiration, with attention to the process and context.

The symposium encourages the realization of works outside the categorical and genre frames. Authors have the freedom to choose the means by which to realize their creative ideas. The symposium stimulates artistic processes in accordance with the specific conditions and issues of the place they inhabit – indoor or outdoor.

Objectives of the symposium:

  • Creating an environment for multicultural dialogue, exchange of good practices and initiation of creative processes.
  • Generating new art works, inspired by the specific location of the symposium and presenting them to the public.
  • Development of an eco-friendly open-air sculpture park in Gabrovtsi Village.
  • Providing an opportunity for integration of art students in the professional artistic community.
  • Placing the Gabrovtsi Village on the world art map.

The eleventh edition of the Symposium ART-NATURE Gabrovtsi 2022 is entitled "to-GET-here"! Curator is Tzvetelina Maximova – member of Duppini Art Group.


... Is to return HERE - after a period of rethinking values, after an epidemic, divisions, fear and distance. To be here again, TOGETHER, united by the common need for creativity, despite the circumstances.

Our course is constantly marked by the NATURE – that is unshakable element for us, which awakens us, leads us and recharges us to get HERE.

As a topic, “to-GET-here” contains a wide range of interpretations, as well as asking variety of questions. Where we`ve got to? What we`ve been through? How far do we want to go? Where is "here"? Aren't we "here", together looking further in one direction? How do we keep on being "here"?

to-GET-here is a state, and a mystery - the Duppini` Mystery.
to-GET-here is also a process - a journey. Even literally: "How to get to Gabrovtsi" - is among the common questions. The navigation options are objective.
However, if we ask, "How far went Gabrovtsi" - this question is difficult to measure in an unambiguous answer.
to-GET-here is a goal. Finding your "here" is a mission.


Beginning: 06 July 2022
End: 16 July 2022 (Open Door Day)

Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium is held in Gabrovtsi Village, 20 km from the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The small village is located along the river Enyovitsa and offers a kind of privacy.
Duppini Art Center is the main location for all editions of the symposia since 2015 – it is the social and working site for the symposium. It houses a rich collection of sculptures, paintings, collages and installations from the Fund of the Duppini Association.
Duppini Art Center is a shared space with a strong identity, provocative environment and own history.


  • 7 guest-artists
  • 3 guests of the event
  • 4 assistants and volunteers – current or graduated art students
  • 6 members of Duppini Art Group


  • To present themselves and their artistic practices, sending required information in time, according to the status of the event and the conditions of the open call (see below How to apply?);
  • To bear their travel expenses;
  • To provide in advance information about the time of arrival in Gabrovtsi. To notify if they need assistance with transportation from Veliko Tarnovo to Gabrovtsi;
  • To bring their own tools and machines or specific working materials;
  • To realize at least one work (with material or digital parameters) within the symposium` period. To complete the proposed project;
  • -To be present for the whole duration of the symposium (maximum allowed delay or absence – 2 days); - To comply with the requirements for a clean environment;
  • To provide information about each of the realized works during or after the end of the symposium (Authorship, name of the work, dimensions, materials, concept, etc.);
  • In case of publications, to indicate the affiliation of the realized works to the Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium (in Bulgarian: ????????? ????????-??????? ????????), to respect the copyright of the photographer;
  • To have health insurance

By their will, each author to make a short presentation of their artistic work and professional practice during the evening screenings within the duration of the symposium.

By confirming participation in Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium 2022, all participants take responsibility for their health and comply with the general anti-epidemic measures. The realized works (or their documentation) are becoming part of the art collection of Duppini Art Center and Duppini Art Group`s Fund.


  • To provide accommodation for the authors for the duration of the symposium;
  • To provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to the authors for the duration of the symposium;
  • To welcome and accommodate the participants in base of Duppini Art Center.
  • To assist to all participants with transport from Veliko Tarnovo to the village of Gabrovtsi – the organizers must be informed in advance.
  • To supply visual materials – photos of places in nature with works from previous symposia, which could help the authors while preparing their project designs.
  • To provide materials, specified in advance on the basis of the designs;
  • To help the guest-artists in the work process and consider their artworks – workspaces, exposition, and assistance in specific needs.
  • To supply 220 V electricity, transport and hoisting equipment;
  • To prepare photo/video documentation from the symposium;
  • To organize an official presentation of the realized projects on sites with Open Door Day at Duppini Art Center (16 July).
  • To provide certificates for participation;
  • To organize media coverage of the whole symposium; to prepare posters, invitations, texts, PR, with coverage in national and local media, via internet and social networks, etc.
  • To organize a final exhibition in the city (Veliko Tarnovo),
  • To publish electronic catalogue;
  • To present the guest-artists and their works through prints, online media and exhibitions (outdoor and indoor).
  • To respect artists` copyright in each exhibition of their artworks
  • To provide and Invitation letters for self-funding with other entities if requested


- 06.07.2022 – arrival and accommodation of the participants at Duppini Art Center & Residency

(find useful links bellow)

- 07.07.2022 – short presentation of the hosts - working and social sites, guided tour through Duppini

Art Center and the village of Gabrovtsi

- 07 - 15.07.2022 – working period

- 16.07.2022 – Open Door Day, presenting the final artworks, guided tour with the artist. This program

will be announced in advance

- 17.07.2022 – departure

The program foresees a day for visits and sightseeing in Veliko Tarnovo / Tryavna, the surroundings, and free time.


If you are visual artist or researcher and you are interested to participate in

Gabrovtsi ART-NATURE Symposium 2022 - to-GET-here, please send us your:

  1. Biography
  2. Portfolio / official website / or photographs of 5 realized artworks with descriptions
  3. Actual profile picture
  4. If you have proposal for project, send us sketches, layouts, descriptions, etc.

Send the required documents via email

The subject of the e-mail should include “Gabrovtsi to-GET-here 2022 - your name”.

Deadline for submission: 10 June 2022


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